10 Simple Tips for Pairing Wine and Food

Pairing wine and food has long been one of those things that people either innately understand or that they can never wrap their brains around. For most of us, pairing wine properly involves some sort of quadratic equation that never looks quite right on paper.


Wine in Cooking

Wine in CookingAdding wine to your food puts an additional flavor to cooking. During the cooking process, alcohol is lost leaving the food with an amazing aroma and a light taste to accompany it. You can make use of any type of wine that you desire as far as the end justifies the means. The following are ways how you are going to use wine in cooking

How to decide which wine to use?

It is important to note that when you cook with wine, alcohol is the only ingredient lost during the cooking process. The other ingredients are going to remain. Therefore, as you decide which wine to use, consider its quality and the flavor since the two are not going to diminish eventually. Cook with a wine that you would drink. You can begin with a red or white wine. Cooking wines are usually cheap salty and contain additional spices or herbs. You can avoid such wines since they contain a lot of salt and other spices and in actual sense, you would never drink it.


Did you know the health benefit of red wine?

For those who love red wine, now there is all the more excuse to indulge! Experts believe that there are several health benefit of red wine, and recommend that drinking 24 ounces a day (or a glass with your dinner) will do you a lot of good in the long run.